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 lucky 7s avocado

Tree Ripe, Ready to Eat, Sushi Grade

What Makes a Lucky 7?

Sourcing Direct 
from the Farm

The original ready-to-eat Avocado brand to hit Toronto. These Avocados come straight from our partnering farm in Mexico, and sushi chefs all around Toronto can tell you why Lucky 7s are their preferred Avocado brand.

Grading, Storing &

Specific avocado ripening rooms for heating and cooling the avocado provides ideal temperature control. This maintains consistent stages of ripeness so you always receive the same exceptional quality.

Maintaining Quality
Through Partnerships

We offer weekly/daily flow programs with partnering grocery stores, restaurants and hotels to ensure you always receive ready to eat avocados at your preferred ripeness. 

How to get the perfect avocado

About Lucky 7's

The most superior label in the Avocado market today, Lucky 7’s Avocados has built its reputation on shipping Japan quality Avocados worldwide. For the last 15 years we have offered Canada Lucky 7's Avocados 12 months of the year. Our Avocados have earned the trust of many Canadian produce purveyors, restaurants and sushi houses across the country because of their high quality. Oxidation (browning) takes longer, keeping the Avocado in optimal presentable form.

We are proud to say, we are one of three companies in Canada with specific avocado ripening rooms. Heating and cooling in each of our rooms provides ideal temperature control, thus maintaining consistent stages of ripeness so you always receive the same exceptional quality.


Product Information

Size 12's
Avg. 0.75lb

Size 14's
Avg. 0.63lb

Size 36's
Avg. 0.7lb

Size 48's
Avg. 0.52lb


Bagged 6's
Avg. 2lb

Case Sizing

Tree Ripe & Ready to Eat Avocados 12 Months of the Year.

Variety: Hass

Origin: Mexico

Season: All Year


12s, 14s (4kg/8.8lbs)

36s, 48s, 60s (11.3kg/25lbs)

Bagged 70s (12x5)

Bagged 84s (12x6)

Pallet Sizing

Pick Up Pallets Directly from Our Warehouse in Etobicoke, ON.

12s, 14s: 216 Cases/Pallet

36s, 48s: 80 Cases/Pallet

Bagged: 80 Cases/Pallet


40F to ripen and 65-70F to perfection

How to Ripen Avocados

Not all avocados ripen at the same pace. And not all avocados should be refrigerated. Avoid refrigeration until your avocados have reached optimal ripeness. Some tips for ripening and storing your avocados include:

1. Leave at room temperature until the skin is dark & soft - then refrigerate.

2. Never place over steam or on top of the fridge to speed up ripening. This leads to the avocado sticking to the pit due to rapid dehydration of the fruit.

3. If storing half an avocado you can wrap it in plastic and store in the fridge. Keep air tight.

Our avocados brown at a much slower pace than your standard hass avocado. After 24 hours, outside of the fridge, uncovered, you will be able to scrape off the top layer and reveal beautiful green fruit below. When stored in the fridge, covered air-tight with plastic you will find little to no browning.

Never Again Wonder "Will this avocado be good?"

Where to Find Lucky 7's

TSI Tropicals is the selected distributor of Lucky 7's Avocados in Canada. Since the dawn of Lucky 7's Hass Avocados TSI Tropicals has been servicing specialty grocery stores and sushi houses in Southern Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. (Double click to zoom)

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